Monday, October 19, 2009

'It would be safe to have very high expectations from 3 Idiots'

Boman Irani talks about his character in 3 Idiots and how he’s excited about how the film has turned out. The actor also has two other interesting films coming up, Shyam Benegal’s Abbaji and a comic caper Fruit & Nut

It’s a rare actor whose personality and charm shines through all his characters, and yet, each of these roles remain so distinct and memorable. From Let’s Talk to Khosla Ka Ghosla, from Munnabhai MBBS to Lage Raho…from 99 to Little Zizou, Boman Irani in a short span has essayed a whole array of wonderful characters, making him quite easily one of the most interesting actors of this generation.

His next big one is 3 Idiots with Raj Kumar Hirani, who introduced him with Munnabhai MBBS in a role that has gone on to attain a cult status. Their second venture, Lage Raho Munnabhai was even more successful. Now, the actor is super excited about 3 Idiots, where he plays a mean-spirited professor to Aamir Khan, Madhavan and Sharman Joshi.The film as one is aware is inspired from Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone and the point of reference for Boman’s role is the character of Cherian from the book. “We’ve remodeled it. I’m called Veeru Sahasrabuddhe in the film, also referred to as ‘virus’. I’m thrilled with the way the film has shaped up. Raju has done it again. It’s turned out to be a wonderful film,” he says.

But considering how monstrously successful Hirani’s previous two ventures have been, 3 Idiots would have to live up to a lot of expectations. “Raju is successful each time, because he strives for excellence. It’s a touching, fun film. It would be safe to say that people can have a lot of expectations from 3 Idiots,” says the actor.
Even though Boman was a villain of sorts in both the Munnabhai films, he was also strangely likeable for his quirks. How different will his character in 3 Idiots be? “He’s the meanest of them all in this film. Lucky Singh in Lage Raho… looked like a teddy bear by the end of it. In 3 Idiots, he’s plain nasty. You don’t want to be anywhere near him. The guy is full of ego, full of himself. He’s painful, with no sense of humour…very unfeeling.”

And yet, the character is not without other interesting shades. “He wants his students to excel…and do well in life. As long as there is a chink in his armour, you know there is hope. You also feel bad for the guy, thinking how he has so completely lost the plot of humanity,” he observes succintly.
3 Idiots is Boman’s pet film presently, but he’s also very excited about his Shyam Benegal film, Abbaji, that is to be screened on October 18 at a London film fest soon. The film recounts the story of a father who takes leave from his work to find a bridegroom for his daughter. “It’s my first film in the lead,” says Boman, adding, “It’s a very charming and moving film.” The film is set to release in February next year.
The other film that is coming up for Boman is Fruit & Nut, which he describes as a “completely bizarre, mad-cap comedy”He plays a character called Harry Holkar who imagines himself to be an ex maharaja and wants to reclaim his city. “He’s a harmless fool. It’s a very unpretentious, crazy, comic caper,” the actor tells us.Much like a magician who pulls rabbits out of his hat, Boman comes closest among today’s actors to surprise you with his ability to come up with delightfully original performances each time. Hence, one can safely hope that all of Boman’s three films will be a treat for his fans.

-Sandhya Iyer