Friday, July 20, 2007

Film Review: Partner

Film: Partner
Director: David Dhawan
Starring: Salman Khan, Govinda, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta, Rajpal Yadav
BY Sandhya Iyer
Two much!

While this is no rip-roaring comedy, I feel Partner is David Dhawan’s best effort after Deewana Mastana…yeah, it’s been that long since the man has come up with anything half decent.
The film has several hitches but it still manages to hold together, thanks to some mind-blowing performance from the lead players. Salman and Govinda are in top form and it’s a delight to see them together. The film, especially, pick up momentum each time Chi Chi appears on screen and there’s not one scene where he doesn’t make you laugh. Watch out for that scene where he wildly dances to Sarkailo Khatiya…need I add, that the entire theatre erupted!

Having said that, some of Govinda’s earlier scenes seem stretched and forced. Thankfully, the actor finds form quickly and from there on, he’s brilliant.
This is not to say that Govinda walks away with Partner. Salman fits into his role of a 'love guru' effortlessly and is at his natural best. And boy, does he look hot!
Both Lara and Katrina drip glamour and pull off their roles effectively. Katrina, as the suave business czarina, with a heart beating for a tapori, is actually quite convincing –unintentional, though her act maybe. Lara Dutta is simmering hot and displays the sort of dress sense, which would tempt anyone to run away with her wardrobe.
Another fine aspect about this film is its music and picturization---very catchy, brimming with masala.

So, it is a wholesome entertainer? Not quite. Yes, it’s funny in parts and the performances rock. But there are too many inane things happening here. There’s that totally silly sequence, involving a misunderstanding, which Lara Dutta has with Salman towards the climax.
Also, what was that silly antic, about a toy rocket going after Salman in the middle of the sea?! Juvenile stuff.

Similarly, I felt like whacking the hell out of that tiny brat, who plays Lara's son in the film. His sort of 'mischief' where kids go around breaking head lights of cars or inserting a knife into someone else's pocket when a security check is on, is just NOT funny for me.

But, thankfully, people will go out with a smile after watching this film. Govinda’s final honeymoon act is hilarious and brings the house down. That alone will make sure you don’t leave with a sour taste in your mouth.

For David Dhawan, this is a waaay better film than some of stuff he’s been making from the last few years. Not a classic comedy in the vein of his Coolie No 1 or Aakhen but it’s still quite an enjoyable fare

Stars: ***


Anonymous Viper said...

I am sorry Sandhya, but i dont completely agree with your review of partner.

David Dhawan is known for out of the box comedy which may seem dumb to lots but is funny to many. More precisely, northern india prefers movies to have such a aspect considering the fact that this movie runs more there compared to South.

This movie is just a indication of the fact that David Dhawan needs to sit back and see the movie himself in a Theatre to figure out how it leaves the viewer. Then he would be able to find out that he needs to retire from movies.

Else i see the fault in people who go to Dhawan;s movies with the expectation of a total entertainer.

All in All, lesser said the better.

August 22, 2007 at 1:35 AM  
Anonymous sandy said...

In a way agree Viper, Partner is certainly not a great film but tolerably good, compared to rubbish like Phir Hera Pheri and Bhagam Bhag.

August 25, 2007 at 1:00 AM  
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